Workation is a new work style that combines “work” and “vacation”. We define ”Workation” as "workstyle that improves the business efficiency and creates various values", and propose it as a new work style that enriches people's lives, business, and societies.
  • Business Development Camp
  • Off-site Meeting
  • CSR Activities
"WORK x ation" site is a place to realize the  new work style.
Communication becomes stimulating, and ideas that never comes up in everyday-life tends to occur,
which motivates the team members and develops an environment where members become even more creative.
What do you say to creating an unprecedented innovation
at the "WORK x ation Site"? 


"Telecube" is a soundproof smart work booth that can be easily installed anywhere.
Inside, there are tables, chairs, power outlets, etc.
In a quiet environment where security is maintained, work such as document and email compositions,
meetings by phone or PC can be done. We install Telecube in public spaces, 
such as stations, airports, office etrances and shopping malls, providing you with an ideal environment for remote work.
Telecube can be easily installed in your office space without interior construction, 
which offers you solution to the increasing need in space for online meetings.
Even in the case of rearrangement in office layouts, there is no need for large-scale construction.

"NINJA SPACE"-Find your next coworking space 

Install "NINJA SPACE" when in a need of workspace. 
Find a suitable workspace anytime, anywhere.