Mitsubishi Estate’s Concept of the Office BuildingFunctions for supporting the central office

Ryoshin Onarimon Building

Dai Nagoya Building

Anticipating your comfort and convenience

Mitsubishi Estate aspires to provide everyone who works in or visits our office buildings with the comfort of space – a place that makes life a pleasure. From beautiful views from the window to stress-free access and relaxing lounge space, we aim to create office environments that can make every day a fulfilling experience.

For moments to refresh and recharge…

  • Waterfront space adjacent to the moat

    Otemachi Park Building

  • Verdant oasis in the city center

    Marunouchi Park Building

  • Open rooftop terrace

    Ryoshin Onarimon Building

For a commute sheltered from the elements…

  • Roofed passage from the subway exit

    Toyosu Foresia

  • Underground pedestrian network

    Otemachi Financial City South Tower

Click to view the underground pedestrian network.

For tenant-exclusive lounges featuring comfort that is a class above

Various seating arrangements for flexible work styles. Refresh your mind in between your work in the rest zone and shower room.

  • Free space

  • Rest zone

  • Shower room

Shin-Marunouchi Building

Feel rejuvenated in a luxurious space. Offers convenient access to the fitness center for exercising.

  • Free space

  • Fitness

  • Powder room

Otemachi Park Building

Supports diverse work styles as employees’ new “third place”.

  • Free space

  • Meeting space

  • Counter seats

Hibiya Kokusai Building

For large-scale conferences and seminars…

  • Rental conference rooms

    Conference Square M+, Mitsubishi Bldg.

  • Dai Nagoya Bldg. Conference Room

For visitors from afar…

  • Hotels

    Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, Yokohama Landmark Tower

  • Marunouchi Hotel

For balancing family and career…

  • Nursery center

    Poppins Nursery School Harumi, Harumi Front Bldg.

  • "Cotooffice", Shin-Kokusai Bldg.

For convenient access to fitness…

  • Fitness club

    TIPNESS HIGASHI-SHINJUKU, Shinjuku Eastside Square


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