Get to know the true heart of Tokyo (Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area)Evolving City

Evolving the city by accepting diversed companies and people

Promoting open innovation. Changing the world from innovation found from Marunouchi

Since the opening of "EGG JAPAN"in 2007, we have been supporting and accumulating domestic and foreign companies. In April 2018, we newly established "xTECH Leasing and Promotion Department" to support those companies' leasing and facility operation, and also we established "DX Promotion Department"to promote technologies to our business.

Initiatives to achieve SDGs

Mitsubishi Estate is facing to social challenges such as shortage of labor, population aging and work style reform by proactively using new technologies such as robots. We are working hard to formulate next generation facility operation model.

We invest to Robot developing company and cooperate with university to create society where people and robot can collaborate.

Practical Example

  • In June 2018, we invested to SEQSENSE Inc. (company that develop autonomous moving robot), and since August 2018, we introduce "SQ-2"(security robot) to our head office.
  • In March 2019, we made "Strategic DX Partnership Agreenment" with Ritsumeikan.
  • In April 2019, we announced to sequentially deploy 100 Whiz(cleaning machine) to Mitsubishi Group building.

Examples of Active Robots

  • Whiz『©SoftBank Robotics』

  • SQ-2

  • Agreement with Ritsumeikan

Area service which evolves with time

While workstyles are diversifying, we provide services which enhance the convenience of the whole area for people who work in the city to be able to work in their full potential.

Souvenir Delivery Service only for people who works in designated area.
Bento Delivery Service limited in only Otemachi・Marunouchi・Yurakucho area.
A new working style where one can work beside their children.

Future City Development

Mitsubishi Estate is required to accomplish 3 roles as a developer.

  • Bring out varieties of unique creativity to outside
  • Specific actions for SDGs
  • Innovating lifestye and corporate activity by DX(Degital Transformation)

By accomplishing these demands, Mitsubishi Estate will proceed to make Marunouchi area to "Open Innovation Field".

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For more information and inquiries:

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