Promoting open innovation

Mitsubishi Estate is working to transform Marunouchi area into an "open innovation field" with the aim of creating a city that evolves through the gathering and interaction of diverse people and companies.

  • Utilizing the resources of the Marunouchi area where major companies gather, we operate business development support facilities for start-up companies in Japan and overseas. We also distribute original articles, event information, and news.

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  • TMIP is a platform that supports the creation of innovation for the global market by solving social issues through collaboration between large companies, startups, government, and academia, with the aim of forming an innovation ecosystem in the Marunouchi area.

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Mitsubishi Estate Coworking Space

Mitsubishi Estate provide a communication-forming coworking space
promoting open innovation.

Utilization of advanced technology

  • <ローカル5Gの整備と活用> 丸の内エリアの屋内外の複数拠点に「ローカル 5G」を構築し、

    Local 5G maintenance base and utilization (demonstration experiment) image

  • <Creating a robot-friendly environment> We will support the provision of advanced services in smart cities,
    promote the creation of a "robot-friendly" environment that facilitates the introduction of robots,
     and provide new services in which facilities and towns are linked with robots. 
    We will act as a hub for collaboration among stakeholders, such as government, tenant companies, 
    robot manufacturers, security companies, cleaning companies, etc., and promote next-generation urban development.

    Image of efforts to build a robot-friendly environment

    Delivery robot YUNJI GOGO
    Security robot SQ2
    Automatic transport robot
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