• Reception / Concierge

    Concerige is available during business hours, ready to offer any help you need.

  • Lounge

    The lounge provides a good break to refresh the mind and spirit of the busy businessperson.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Meeting rooms including TV conference rooms are available exclusively for the tenants.

  • Wi-fi

    Wi-Fi network is available in the common space, such as meeting rooms, louge and reception area.

  • Security

    A security door limiting access to exclusive spaces is installed in the hallway to ensure a high level of security.

  • Air Conditioning

    Rent is inclusive of air conditioning charge in the tenant space during the core business hours.

  • Electricity

    Rent is inclusive of electricity charge in the tenant space. (50VA/m²).

  • Cleaning

    The building will provide the cleaning service for the tenant space.

  • Free Beverage

    You can enjoy beverages available in the lounge area for free.

  • Commercial Facilities

    You can enjoy a wide variety of shops of all kinds, which provide you with delicious food, nice outfits and relaxation.

  • Butler

    A butler is available during business hours for laundry service requests, arranging thepurchase of goods such as hospitality gifts.

  • Tenant-only Wi-Fi

    A high-security Wi-Fi network is available for each tenant.

  • Tickets for Fitness Gym

    We distribute tickets for office workers to use fitness gym.

  • Visitor Parking Lots

    Visitor Parking Lots can be arranged (application required). You will also receive tickets for parking lot usage.

  • Cafe

    Tenant workers can enjoy the cafe for free.

  • Cafeteria

    Workers can have lunch for free at the cafeteria exclusive for tenants.

  • Workation Sites

    Tenants can visit our workation site for free once a year.

  • Free Beverages (Beer & Champagne)

    Mini-bottles of beer and champagne will be provided free of charge at the reception to help you relax after work.

  • *Services may differ depending on the facility.
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