Overwhelming access convenience

Japan's leading transportation access with 13 stations and 28 lines

With access to 13 stations and 28 train lines, commuting and travel time can be reduced.
In addition, access to the Shinkansen and airports provides easy access to regional cities.

Ground/underground access network for smooth movement within the area

On the ground level, there is a free shuttle bus that connects Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas.
We support movement in area comfortably.
In addition, the underground pedestrian network is maintained to every corner,
so it is comfortable even on rainy days.

  • Aboveground
  • Underground

High-grade business support

In Marunouchi area, there are many support facilities to enrich your daily life, such as meeting rooms that can be used for various
purposes, hotels that welcome guests from afar, daycare centers that support a balance between work and childcare, and so on.
  • Conference Facilities
  • Hotel
  • Nursing Station
  • Fitness Club

Concentration of the leading companies

In the Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area, one of the world's leading business center,
the headquarters and offices of various global companies are concentrated.
The four major law firms and audit firms also have offices.

FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 Headquarters

Twenty of the Fortune Global 500 companies have headquarters in the Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area.

*Fortune global 500, 2021 company research

Number of listed company headquarters

Of the listed companies (prime and standard markets), 118 companies are concentrated in the Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area.

*Based on our research as of March 2022

Number of headquarters of companies ranked in the top 50 by market capitalization in Japan

The number of corporate headquarters with the top 50 domestic market capitalization in the Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area
is the highest number compared to other business areas in Tokyo.

*Based on our research as of March 2022

Number of foreign financial institution offices

There are 72 foreign financial institutions in the Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area.
It is the largest international financial center in Japan.

*Based on our research as of March 2022