Business Continuity Plans

From the moment the first line is drawn on the blueprints to the everyday management of diverse services,
Mitsubishi Estate’s office buildings reflect our uncompromising commitment to safety and security
– a dedication to safety that has been with us since the construction of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan in 1894.

Mitsubishi Estate's BCP measures
three points

Business Continuity

  • In the event of water supply outage, rainwater, wastewater amd well water can be reused as toilet flushing water.

  • Installation of "sual fuel" power generators, which can be powered by highly seismic resistant intermediate-pressure gas pipeline.

  • 72 hours of power supply from emergency power generation systems.

Safe and Comfortable Environment for Visitors

  • Storage of supplies ranging from emergency food, medical suppplies to equipment including bicycles.

  • Anti-slip treatment of glass floors for everyday safety.

  • Pavement designed for comfortable walking even for high-heeled shoes.

Rapid Restoration and Communication

  • Establishment of a cooperative system of general constructors and utility service companies to accelerate emergency repair work and the restoration of services.

  • “Earthquake Damage Assessment System” for prompt assessment of building safety and hazards.

  • Deployment of MCA (multichannel access) and IP wireless devices for timely communication of information in case of emergency.

Infectious Disease Countermeasures

In order for workers and visitors to feel safe and secure in our building, we take various measures 
including countermeasures against infectious diseases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Office common areas

Buildings managed by the Mitsubishi Estate Group implement various measures in office common areas
with the keyword of "Contact avoidance", "Cleanliness" and "Health Management".
  • Thermographic camera and monitor

  • Physical distancing posters

  • Elevator awareness-raisng posters

  • Disinfectant and preventive measures posters

Tenant’s dedicated areas

We propose optimal solutions for tenant’s dedicated areas (inside private offices) based on implemented solutions in our offices’ and other companies’ offices, which take into account measures against infectious diseases.
Please feel free to consult us.
  • Web Meetings

    Additional installation of speakerphones, web cameras and booths for web meetings

  • Automatic doors

    Some doors go touch-free

  • Face Recognition System

    hands-free recognition

  • Free address

    Social distancing seating arrangement

Click here to download documents for more information
about infectious disease countermeasures