Renewable Energy Installed Buildings

As a new target for achieving RE100, the Mitsubishi Estate Group aims to achieve a renewable energy rate of 100% by FY2025.
We plan to transit to electricity derived from renewable energy at owned-builidngs
 (including both office buildings and commercial facilities) in  the Marunouchi area and other major urban areas.
Since the buildings will be powered entirely by renewable electricity,* the tenants of said buildings will effectively be deemed to be using renewable electricity.
*Electricity supplied by gas cogeneration systems, etc., is generated using carbon-neutral city gas.

Features of our Renewable Energy Installed Buildings

All tenants can freely claim environmental value

While providing a workplace where office workers can achieve their full intellectual, creative  
and productive potential, we also put a high priority on making our buildings friendly to the environment.

No additional cost needed for tenants

In our renewable energy installed buildings, tenants can use electricity derived from  renewable energy (=claim environmental value) without additional cost. 
 *Electricity charges may fluxuate due to significant increases in electricity prices and drastic changes in the electricity market.

View a list of renewable energy installed buildings

Buildings with Sustainability Certifications

Mitsubishi Estate has been working to obtain sustainability certifications including DBJ Green Building Certification, which is based on a comprehensive assessment that covers areas such as environmental performance, disaster prevention and community considerations. 

Managed by Development Bank of Japan Inc., Japan Real Estate Institute

View a list of sustainability certificated buildings

Circular City Marunouchi

We are taking measues focusing on "resource recycling" in Marunouchi area 
and aim to achieve waste recycling rate of 100% and 20% reduction in waste.

Specific Measures


    In order to reduce food waste, we distribute free "TO GO BOX" or paper bags for taking home food that was not finished.

  • "Bottle to Bottle" Recycling Circulation

    We recycle plastic bottles discarded from office buildings in Marunouchi area and remake them into new bottles.

Eco-friendly Space and Services 

Comfortable Interior Environment

  • Airflow window system

    Eliminates the need for a dedicated air conditioning system in the window-side perimeter zone, contributing to reduced power consumption

  • Cool roof

    Suppress increases in interior temperature from sunlight exposure

  • Canopy tops

    Prevent direct sunlight from entering the interior and a consequent rise in room temperature

Heat island countermeasures

  • Special asphalt paving

    splash-free footing in the rain, and cooler pavement in sunny weather

  • Dry mist

    the nano-sized mist reduce the ambient temperature

  • Rooftop and exterior greening

    For an eye-pleasant and eco-friendly town

Second hand furniture selling service "Ecofurni"

Ecofurni collects and sells second hand furniture. Feel free to visit our showroom.
Example of an office set up using reusable furniture from Ecofurni