Office Relocation Flow

Steps before Moving-in

01 Property Search / Inquiries

If you come across properties that interest you, you can register them as "Favorites" for later convenience.
If a property is currently unavailable, you cna request "Vacancy Notification" by email. 
If it becomes available, we will immediately notify you by email.
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Search all office properties

Office property & vacancy search

Search for furnished and serviced offices

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If you are interested in a specific office property, please feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to provide you with detailed information.
We can also propose properties that meet your requirements.

Inquiries and Consultation

02 Visit and preview

Just checking out a property on the website is not enough.
Factors like the surrounding environment, landscape, the versatility of the floor plan and other attractive features
can only be properly evaluated by actually visiting the property and experiencing its location.
Please feel free to contact us as our staff who are familiar with the property will guide you.

Example Layout (approx. 660

As you tour the property and vicinity, our staff can help you envisage the possibilities by supplying possible layouts for desks, conference rooms, etc.

An office with a free and open layout to enhance creativity

Island style offices that emphasize space efficiency

03 Application and lease agreement

Once you have decided on an office property, we will ask you to submit the specified application form and conclude the lease agreement.

04 Layout decision

Layout samples can be downloaded from each propertypage.
We can also make suggestions regarding the layout, so please feel free to contact us.



05Interior construction and move-in

Mitsubishi Estate Group can provide comprehensive support for your move into your new offices (including furniture/fixture
 selection, schedule coordination, pre-move work and the various registration procedures required after move-in).