Property Outline

Address 9-2 Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Owner/Developer Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, Urban Renaissance Agency
Constructor Toda Corporation
Design & Supervision Joint venture enterprise (Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. and NTT Facilities, Inc.
Date of Completion April 2016
Main use Office, hotel, retail, parking, DHC (District Heating and Cooling facility), etc.
Structure Above ground: Steel frame (partially CFT),
Underground: Steel-frame reinforced concrete (partially SRC)
Number of floors Above ground: 31, Underground: 4, Tower room: 2
Height approx. 170 m (maximum height)
Total floor area approx. 193,800
Leasable office floor area approx. 108,330
Typical floor - net leasable space approx. 4,246
Floor load bearing
General zone:
4,900N/m² (500kg/m²)
"Heavy Duty" zone & Special Floor:
9,800N/m² (1,000kg/m²)
Floor-to-ceiling height Standard floor: 2,950 mm, Special floor: 3,000 mm
Emergency power generators
Building use:
3,500 KVA × 3 (Dual fuel type: city gas supplied by medium pressure pipeline and Type A heavy fuel oil)
Tenant use:
Space for installation of the equivalent of 2,000 KVA × 6 (Dual fuel type), 60,000 ℓ oil tank × 6
Power receiving system 66 kV special high-voltage loop-type 2-circuit power receiving system
Power outlet capacity 75VA/m²
Lighting LED (automatic lighting intensity control)
Standard lighting intensity 700 lux
HVAC system Each floor: Compact AHU (Air Handling Unit) with partial use of FCU (Fan Coil Unit)
HVAX zoning Standard floor: 10 zones (HVAC zones differ from possible leased area subdivisions)
VAV zoning VAV control zone: approx. 50 to 75
Auxiliary HVAC capacity Balcony space on each floor for optional installation of auxiliary HVAC equipment for exclusive tenant use.
Elevator Office: 36 (8 cars x 4 banks, 4 cars x 1 bank), Emergency/freight: 3, Lower floor zone: 3, Subway level: 1
Car parking Indoor: 333 (including handicapped parking, freight delivery parking and machine parking for 247 vehicles)
Bicycle parking Double-deck type: 42 bicycles, machine parking: 716 bicycles, motorcycle parking: 28 vehicles
  • *  Specifications, exterior views, drawings and other details stated in this website are current as of May 2015, may be subject to revision in the future.
  • *  Computer-generated images in this website are based on data current as of October 2014, and may differ from the actual building when completed.

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