Aerial view (computer rendered image)

View of the building from Kanda-bashi area (computer rendered image)

Featuring a dynamic atrium space soaring to a height of approx. 20 m (equivalent to about four stories), the entrance lobby is a singular statement of status and quality.

The impressive scale of 1F carriage affords ample space for even limousine buses to stop without hindering the flow of traffic.

Shuttle limousine service is available between Tokyo Station and Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube. * Paid service

Entrance on the B1F

Hallway on the standard floor

Free of perimeter columns, the uninterrupted "flat" windowside space empowers tenants with expanded layout freedom.

Floor plan flexibly accommodates a variety of office work styles and needs.

Unobstructed by columns, the office interior spans a maximum width of approximately 82m for creation of an office layout that liberates creativity and interaction.

Column-free office space of about 4,246 and a generous floor-to-ceiling height of 2.95 m.

"Flat" perimeter free of intrusive window-side columns enables optimal use of office floor space.

From the office windows, office workers enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo.

The bustling vitality of Otemachi Naka-dori Avenuue is infectious, energizing and inspiring.

Office workers have access to a variety of restaurants, shops and amenities located on 1F and B1F.

Situated on the B1F, the fitness club provides convenient support for a healthy urban lifestyle.

Hot-spring spa and stone sauna

Fitness club facility (computer-generated image)

  • *  Photos shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

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