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msb Tamachi

msb Tamachi - Tamachi Station Tower S

Main location: 118-8, Shibaura 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Transportation: 1-minute walk from Tamachi Station of the JR Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku lines (directly connected by a pedestrian deck);
3-minute walk from Mita Station of the Toei Mita and Asakasa lines
Major purposes: Offices, restaurants, retail stores, (hotel)
Site area: 11,663.63m²
Total floor area: Total floor area under the Construction Business Act: 150,100.00m²,
Rentable floor area: 128,679.72m²
Area available for use Office space: 77,390.75m² (23,410.70 tsubo)
Structure: Steel structure; partially steel-framed reinforced concrete and partially reinforcing steel concrete
Number of floors: 31 aboveground floors, 1 floor with a rooftop room and 2 underground floors
Building height: Top height 169.00 m, eaves height 153.60 m
Parking area capacity: 300 vehicles (100 vehicles in the self-park area; 200 vehicles in the mechanical parking area) (approximate numbers)
Bicycle parking area: 130 bicycles (20 motorcycles in the vehicle parking area) (approximate numbers)
Completion: May 1, 2018

Outline of rental rooms (for use as offices)

Standard floor area 3,095.63m² (936.43 tsubo)
Ceiling height Standard floor: 2,800 mm high (excluding 100-mm raised floor)
Special floor: 3,000 mm high (excluding 200-mm raised floor)
Electrical equipment
Electrical outlet 60 VA/m² (For special floors, addition is possible up to 100 VA/m²)
Lighting system Grid system ceiling
Air-conditioning equipment
For the interior VAV by zone (Different air volume is sent to each zone. The air volume sent to each respective zone varies.)
For perimeters Temperature control by direction, VAV air-conditioning (Different air volume is sent to each zone. The air volume sent to each respective zone varies.)

* These CG renderings were depicted based on drawings at the planning stage and do not reflect actual views. Detailed exterior shapes, facilities, equipment and the like are not included. The plants shown are the projected visual of the plants after the initial growth period. At the completion of the buildings, trees will be planted at available intervals, taking their growth into account. Depending on the construction process, the location, height and number of plants could change.

* Image for illustrative purposes.

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