Floor Plan

Freedom to create floor layouts that exploit the panoramic Palace view.
Small-scale office space from approx. 99 sq.mt. are also available.

With about 3,400 sq.mt. of column-free office space and a generous floor-to-ceiling height of 2.85 m, the entire floor is a liberating canvas to create your ideal workplace layout.
Breathtaking views overlooking the Imperial Palace grounds on the east-west face of the building thanks to the approximately 20.5m wide-span structure.

Standard office floor plan

View from office floors (Photo taken from the equivalent of 11F)

Stadard office (5F)

View from office floors (Photo taken from the equivalent of 5F)

Key Office Specifications

Floor plan (typical office floor)

Floor plan (typical office floor) (4F, 5F)

Typical floor area
3,407.60 sq.mt.
Slab load bearing
General zone: 500 kg/m²
, “Heavy duty” zone & special floors (3F, 9F, 15F, 20F): 1,000 kg/m²
Floor-to-ceiling height
2,850 mm/Raised floor: 150 mm
3,000 mm/Raised floor: 300 mm (Special Floors)
Grid ceiling system
600 mm × 600 mm(3.6 × 3.6 module)
LED Lighting
700 lux (light intensity at desktop level)
Air conditioning
HVAC zoning: 7 zones/floor + VAV (Variable Air Volume) system
Electric (outlet) capacity
75 VA/m²
Entry and exit
Non-contact IC card key reader (each office door)
One men’s and ladies’ facility per floor
  • Floor load bearing: General zone
  • “Heavy duty” zone

Layout Plan

Floor plans are designed for maximum freedom to create the ideal layout for your workplace.From a high space-efficiency "island" layout to an "office booth" layout, your layout can take full advantage of the palace views while fully responding to the diverse needs unique to your business.

Standard "Island" Layout

Total seating capacity (including private offices)
General desks 501(Interior, East Side: 338 seats)
Refreshment corner 46
Total 547
Conference rooms / Reception rooms
21 seats 1
12 seats 3
10 seats 5
8 seats 7
7 seats 1
6 seats 1
Meeting corner
26 locations
Corridor width (between desks) & desk scale (mm)
  • General office area
  • Conference & reception room
  • Meeting corner
  • Reception area
  • Refreshment corner

"Office Booth" Layout (Customize for specific business specifications)

Total seating capacity (including private offices)
General desks 147
Dining hall/Communication space 350
Total 497
Conference rooms / Reception rooms
18 seats 1
16 seats 1
10 seats 6
8 seats 7
6 seats 1
Meeting corner
33 locations
Corridor width (between desks) & desk scale (mm)
  • General office area
  • Conference & reception room
  • Meeting corner
  • Reception area
  • Private office
  • Storage area & back room
  • Dining hall/Communication space
  • Kitchen


From the elevator lobby to the reception area, the Premier Floor Otemachi provides higher-graded atmosphere. These premium office rooms come with a special service package such concierges that assist you with various kinds of requests, shared meeting rooms, and security gates at several points. There is also a special lounge exclusively for the tenants that has the premium view of the Imperial Palace.


  • Reception
    Concierge is available during the business hours in order to support the reception works for the 7th floor tenant.
  • Meeting Rooms
    Meeting Rooms
    10 meeting rooms, including 2 TV conference rooms, are available exclusively for the 7the floor tenant.
  • Electric Bill
    Electric Bill
    Rent is inclusive of electricity charge in the tenant space. (50VA/m²).
  • Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning
    Rent is inclusive of air conditioning charge in the tenant space during the core business hours.
  • Cleaning
    The building will provide the cleaning service for the tenant space.
  • Backup Power
    Backup Power
    The emergency backup generator in the building will provide electricity to the tenant space during the disaster period for maximum 72 hours (15VA/m²).
  • Wifi
    Wifi network is available in the common space, such as reception area on the 7th floor.
  • Cab
    Dispatching service is available at the dropping off area on the ground floor.
  • Guest Parking Space
    Guest Parking Space
    One parking space for the guest is available in the building. Request will be taken first come first serve basis. Discount ticket will be provided to the tenant.
  • Gym
    Gym and shower facility is available in the lounge space on the second floor. Discount ticket will be provided to the tenant.

Office zones

Office zones

Layout Plan

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Vacancy status

In addition to the listing in this website, we may be able to introduce you to other properties that may be ideal for your needs. Please feel free to contact us for further information or assistance.

We will notify you when space in your requested office building property becomes available.

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