A 13-floor office building to
become the symbol of Aoyama.

An elegant 13-floor office building will be created on this approximately 2400㎡ site. On each office floor of approximately 234 to 261 tsubo (774-863㎡), we present you with a revolutionary office design entailing both internal and external balconies.
Additionally, the retail area on the first floor opens to the main avenues in the front, while being well-connected by different alleys throughout,
exhibiting the characteristic atmosphere of Aoyama.

Cross Section

An office that engages your senses, in Aoyama.

Aoyama prides itself with the cutting-edge trends and sophisticated culture cultivated here.
In the era of diversified workspaces, it is crucial to have your office at a location that is worth coming,
while providing a space that is designed to spark new inspirations.

The next generation workspace to realize true freedom for all to find their own place.
The Rooftop Terrace exclusive to tenants can be utilized for purposes other than work or business.
The Pocket Park has a comfortable sitting area, enclosed with the perfect amount of sunlight scattered
through the trees.
Work is no longer restricted by “place” or “space”; therefore, this building provides workspaces with new concepts to accommodate a wider variety of work styles.
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Pocket Park

A serene entrance
that welcomes approaches
from two main avenues.

The entrance allows access from both Aoyama-Dori and Gaien Nishi-Dori.
This arrangement forms the Aoyama-esque equilibrium of maintaining
the calm atmosphere away from the hustle while staying close to the community.

The location linking
the affluence of Aoyama
to the central business areas of the city.

This new office will be situated near the intersection of Aoyama-Dori, which connects Shibuya and Akasaka, and Gaien Nishi-Dori, where Aoyama culture was cultivated. Railway access is available through 2 stations, with access to 3 subway lines: Gaiemmae Station and Omotesando Station, which are 4-minute walk and 6-minute walk from the site respectively. The beautiful nature of the city and the refined boutiques and restaurants located in the surrounding fill the environment with charm and sophistication.

  • Map
  • Root Map

Floor Plan

A space of approximately 234 to 261 tsubo (774-863 ㎡) per floor with an expansive balcony.

Sample Layout 8,12F

An office with a free and open layout to enhance creativity.

External balcony / Internal balcony

The external balcony allows meetings in the fresh air and the bright internal balcony is filled with a sense of openness.
The internal balcony utilized as a relaxing café space for casual internal communication.
  • The user is responsible for all management of the balcony.
  • Building Management may specify the affixture methods and the installation location of the furniture.

Emergency power generator

A 625kVA emergency generator is installed. In the event of a power outage, 15VA/㎡ of power/lights will be supplied to the office tenants’ dedicated area for 48 hours to ensure business continuity (up to 5VA/㎡ of 15VA/㎡ can be converted for air conditioning).

  • Additional construction is required in order to supply emergency power to the office tenants’ dedicated area.(optional)
  • In the event of a fire, the power will be cut off.
  • The emergency generator power does not guarantee the supply of power. The basic power supply time is 48 hours; however,
    it is not guaranteed.

Power supply and operation details during a power outage.

Building Outline

  • The exterior completion CG image of the building shown is composed of a site photograph taken in December 2020 and blueprints from the planning stage, thus may differ from the actual completion.
    Some facility equipment is not represented. The plantings are not representative of a specific season or the condition of the time of move in.
  • The cross section shown is based on the blueprints from the planning stage, thus may differ from the actual completion. In addition, changes may occur to the area due to law revisions and design modifications.
Project Name
3-4-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
4-minute walk from Gaiemmae Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
6-minute walk from Omotesando Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Ginza Line, and Hanzomon Line
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.
Kajima Corporation
Site area
Approximately 2,405.82㎡(approximately 727.76 tsubo)
Structure / Scale
Underground: Steel frame and partially ferro concrete / Above-ground: Steel frame,
1 floor underground / 13 floors above ground
Approximately 59m
Area Use
Commercial zone, neighborhood commercial zone, Category 2 residential zone
Total area
Approximately 14,753.09㎡ (approximately 4,462.81 tsubo)
Leasable office area
Approximately 9,440.07㎡ (approximately 2,855.62 tsubo)
Standard floor area
Approximately 773.52㎡~approximately 863.93㎡
(approximately 233.99~approximately 261.34 tsubo)
4 Passenger Units (1 Unit doubles as emergency use unit)
Parking/Bicycle Parking
Parking 39 spaces (22 mechanical spaces, 14 flat spaces, 3 cargo vehicle spaces) / Bicycle parking 29 spaces / 2 motorcycle spaces
Raised Floor
100mm *Parts of the internal balconies are 300mm
Floor load capacity
Floor-to-Ceiling height
Power Outlet capacity
Average desktop illumination
Air conditioning system
Multi-package type air-cooled heat pump
Power receiving and transforming facilities
Receiving system : High voltage 6.6 kV 1 receiving line
Emergency generator
3-phase 3-line 6.6kV 625kV x 1 unit Gas turbine Oil tank 18,000 liters x 1(heavy oil A) (48 hours operation)
Scheduled Completion
End of February 2023

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