End of November 2025,
A new landmark office building to emerge
at the hub of Otemachi and Kanda.

A symbolic tower of the Kanda area, located at the gateway to Otemachi.

The atrium entrance area, made of natural wood, provides a sophisticated, yet warm atmosphere.

A plaza that acts as a hub for the Otemachi and Kanda areas.

A pedestrian bridge will be constructed over the Nihonbashi River.
Also a 1,000㎡ plaza and an anchorage will be maintained,
enhancing the pedestrian dynamics from Otemachi Naka-dori Avenue,
improving accessibility and promoting active interactions.

Building Plan

The location is easily accessible from all around Tokyo.

3-minute walk from Otemachi Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, and Mita Line
6-minute walk from Kanda station on JR Keihin-Tohoku, Yamanote and Chuo lines, and Tokyo Metro Ginza line.

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Floor Plan

Enables a variety of layouts, providing flexibility to the way you work.

Sample Layout

Plan A:2-floor office which enables activity-based working.

Total number of seats 375 seats

Meeting space 71 desks

Meeting rooms 19 rooms

Phone booths 31 rooms

Project rooms 4 rooms

Plan B:Island style offices that emphasize space efficiency.

Total number of seats 242 seats

Meeting space 33 desks

Meeting rooms 12 rooms

Project rooms 5 rooms

The advanced seismic damper ensures a high standard of safety in the case of an emergency.

Even in the event of a disaster, two 1,750kVA emergency generators will provide power, ventilation, and sanitation for 72 hours at 100% quality as compared to ordinary times. By employing a hybrid damping structure that utilizes a combination of an unbonded brace and an oil damper, the vibrations of earthquakes of various magnitudes are reduced, ensuring a high standard of safety.

  • *1 Air conditioning excluded
  • *2 Assumption of 30% of occupants in the building at time of disaster


  • The exterior completion CG image of the building shown is composed of a site photograph taken in March 2022 and blueprints from the planning stage, thus may differ from the actual completion. Some facility equipment is not represented. The plantings are not representative of a specific season or the condition of the time of move in.
  • The cross section shown is based on the blueprints from the planning stage, thus may differ from the actual completion. In addition, changes may occur to the area due to law revisions and design modifications.
Project Name
(tentative name) Uchi-Kanda 1-chome Project
1-31,11 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
3-minute walk from Otemachi Station on Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway Lines
6-minute walk from Kanda Station on JR/Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Primary use
Office, Retail Store, Business / Industry Support Facility, Parking, etc.
3 floors underground / 26 floor above ground / 2 floors roof structure
Underground: Steel Reinforced Concrete(partially, Steel Frame)Above ground: Steel Frame
Building Height
Approx. 130m
Architectural Design and Supervision
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.
Taisei Corporation
Site Area
Approx. 5,100㎡ (Approx. 1,543 tsubo)
Building Area
Approx. 3,307㎡ (Approx. 1,000 tsubo)
Gross Floor Area
Approx. 85,267㎡ (Approx. 25,793 tsubo)
Total Office Area
Approx. 29,190.74㎡ (Approx. 8,830.22 tsubo)
LED Lighting Daylight Use Management System installation
HVAC system
Zoning + VAV System in 4 sections on each floor
For Office Access: 16 cars(1 bank with 4 cars, 2 banks with 6 cars)Elevators for VIP Use: 1 car
Elevators for Business/Industry Support Facility: 2 cars
Elevators for emergency and cargo/passenger transport use : 2 cars
Parking Lots
Approx. 150 spaces
Standard Floor Area
12F-16F : Approx. 2,057.73 ㎡
(approx. 622.46 tsubo)
17F-20F : Approx. 2,065.97 ㎡
(approx. 624.96 tsubo)
21F-25F : Approx. 2,074.21 ㎡
(approx. 627.45 tsubo)
Floor load
Raised floor
Power Outlet capacity
Scheduled Completion
End of November 2025

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