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Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.

TOWER-APeople working. Passion rising.

  • 3rd floor
  • shared service space
The exterior of TOWER-A

Work styles are continuously evolving
to bring individuals greater freedom
and flexibility in how they get things done.
Set free from the constraints of time and space,
they can more easily realize their aspirations.
Unexpected encounters, discoveries and ideas await.
Work hours, which occupy such a large part of our time,
evolve to make life more efficient, enriched and enjoyable.
First-of-its-kind workspace for achieving best-ever performance.


  • shared service space
  • Plaza & park
  • Plaza & park
  • 3rd floor
  • Plaza & Park 1
  • Plaza & Park 2
  • Plaza & Park 4
  • Plaza & Park 3
  • Plaza & Park 5

Work involves movement and interaction.
In an era when people can work
without being bound by time and space,
we provide enriched services and functional space
where people can feel the value of connecting with people.

Plaza & Park

Where minds meet, innovation flourishes.
An open green square nurtures infinite possibilities.

In 2027, a large open square encompassing 7,000 square meters between Towers A and B is scheduled for completion.
First a unique 3,000 ㎡ open space based on an “infinity” theme will open when Tower A is completed in 2021.
People will gather to work, play and relax in this area punctuated by green lawns,outdoor stairs conducive to quick breaks, and benches with amusing slants.
Everyone can use the space as they like.

3rd floor

Spaces and exclusive services that support new work styles help maximize people’s potential and performance.

The third floor of Tower A will be a shared space where cafeterias, meeting rooms and event spaces support new work styles centered on eating and communicating.
Workers will gather around tables and work as they like while exchanging opinions, sharing meals and periodically participating in events to hone their skills. We will also provide comprehensive services, including systems t hat use ICT, user-dedicated websites and mobile applications.In this way, we will support the free and flexible thinking and desired activities of every individual.

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Floor Plan

All floors can freely accommodate diverse layouts.

  • approximately 2,580 ㎡ (780 tsubo)
  • 2.85 m ceiling heigh
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Floor plan
Building plan

Building Plan

Office effective area. (approx. 23,400 tsubo)
Various equipment supports work in every way.

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Building Outline

The exterior of TOWER-A (from the southwest)
Address 1- Chome Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1- Chome Yaesu, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Business Operator Mit subishi E st ate Co., L td.E xecutor o f Class 1 Urban Area Redevelopment Project in Otemachi 2 - Chome
Tokiwabashi District
Design/Super vision Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc .
Construction Toda Corporation
Completion The end of June 2021 (tent ative)
Main Use Offices, stores and parking areas
Number of Floors 5 floors below ground / 38 floors above ground*1
Structure Above ground: Steel construction (CFT for certain columns)
Below ground: Steel frame reinforced concrete (partially reinforced concrete)
Height Approx. 212m
Land Use Zone Commercial district / fire prevention district
Site Area Approx. 338,000 sq.ft.(Approx. 9,500 tsubo)
Gross Floor Area Approx. 1,571,500 sq.ft .(Approx. 44,200 tsubo)
Leasable Office Floor Area Approx. 833,100 sq.ft .(Approx. 23,400 tsubo)
Allowable Loading Capacity of Floor Office rooms on typical floor: 500kg /㎡ ( Heavy duty zone: 800 kg /㎡)
Raised Floor Height 130mm
Ceiling Height Standard floors: 2,850 mm; special floors (8th Floor/22nd Floor/30th Floor): 3,000 mm
HVAC Compact AHU (Air Handling Unit) system + VAV (Variable Air Volume) system on each floor(except a part)
*1: 40 floors above ground in accordance with Building Standards Act of Japan
  • 3rd floor 1
  • Plaza & Park 1
  • Plaza & Park 2
  • Plaza & Park 3
  • 3rd floor 5
  • 3rd floor 1
  • Plaza & Park 1
  • Plaza & Park 2
  • Plaza & Park 3
  • 3rd floor 5

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