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The New Workstyle

Enjoy work and optimize your time to pursue maximum results.
“DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS,” which is an innovative concept starting here,
refers to a new, more comfortable and efficient workstyle.
This business district and its symbolic Office Towers will trigger new innovation in Japan’s businesses.


[Nature/Greenery + Hotel + Lifestyle Support Facility] × Business = DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS

CG rendering of the front yard of the completed Office Towers
CG rendering of the completed commercial zone on 1F

Relaxing green garden, luxurious hotel supporting your business, Conference room, nursery school, gym etc…
There are various facility that supports people working in this district.
“A New Workstyle” will start right here in this district.

  • Conference Room
    Conference Room
  • Hotel
  • Gym
  • Restaurant
  • Nursery school
    Nursery school
  • Supermarket

The hospital, cafés, swimming pool and so on are in the site as well.

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Only a one-minute walk from the station ticket gates.

The Tamachi-Mita area, located between Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station, is a metropolitan business hub.
Located in this area, the easy access of a one-minute walk to the station benefits the tenant businesses.

One-minute walk from Tamachi Station
  • One-minute walk directly to/from the station
    One-minute walk directly to/from the station
  • Safe access for walkers
    Safe access for walkers
  • Get to work without experiencing the elements
    Get to work without experiencing the elements
  • No waiting for traffic signals
    No waiting for traffic signals
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Floor plan


A large space of approximately 1,000 tsubo realizes a stress-relieving office layout that creates a feeling of freedom.

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Conceptual figure of Smart Energy Network


At the time of a power loss or even the loss of the gas supply, electric power can be supplied for at least 72 hours.
Also established Japan’s first Smart Energy Network.

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CG rendering of the exterior
CG rendering of the exterior


The new landmark emerging in the skyline of Tokyo, the international metropolis.

The Tamachi-Mita area has begun evolving into an international city. In this area,

These towers will offer
“a New Workstyle”.

For more information about this buildings and to find out its availability,
please feel free to contact us via our inquiry form.

* Some of the images are for illustration purposes only.

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