Mitsubishi Estate’s Concept of the Office BuildingDiverse Workstyle

A place that mataches ones workstyle


We offer shared lounge for the building tenants. Workers in the building may use this lounge to work, relax or for various uses that suites their workstyle. This lounge will support workers as their "third place".

Renewal opening of Hibiya Kokusai Building's Lounge.

Ideal place for Telework, TELECUBE

「TELECUBE」is a sound proofed booth that one could locate anywere very easily. It's a booth with chairs and sokets, and sercurities are secured to finish your mail, write papers, or even for web meeting. One may locate this booth not only inside offices but also in stations, airports, and malls etc. While work style reform has been promoted, we provide an ideal place which ensures privacy with high quality sound proof which may be used "anytime""anywhere".

Mitsubishi Estate's Workation

Workation is a new workstyle originated in America, which is a combinaton of "Work" and "Vacation". Mitsubishi Estate defines wokation as a workstyle that "enhance the quality of work and produce varieties of pleasure", which we offer through new workstyle to people and firms to make society a better place.

  • Training Camp

  • Off-Site Meeting

  • CSR activities

「Work x ation」 is a place which implements new workstyle that one have never encountered. Your daily envrionment for work such as meeting and communication spaces will not change but working at a different place may stimulate communications and produce new ideas and outputs. This place will motivate your team member which may lead to come up with more innovative ideas. Why not try "Work x ation" and create innovations?

Click here for Work x ation facilities lineup.

CSR activities

Considering to working mothers and fathers, we are operating industry -sponsored nursery school in our office building. By having this facility at their work place, it makes eaiser for parents to drop off their children and pick them up after work which give them more room to focus on their work.

This operation has been in place in Shin-Kokusai Builidng and Sanno Park Tower.

Otemachi Park Building Live Office

Future work style reform and work place

For work style reform, innovating work place is necessary. We provide WaaS (Workplace as a Service ) which is a service with not only tangible factors, but also intangible factors.

Mitsubishi Estate provide services below:

  • Demonstration experiment of napping
  • Concierge servicce for workers
  • Access to management by face recognition
  • Locating training equipment to contribute to WELL BEING
  • Experimenting IoT toilet
  • Deploying RPA and AI

Since we have knowledge by offering office to diverse industries, we use this strength to promote work place reform. We will guide you to our re-innovated office.

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