Mitsubishi Estate’s Concept of the Office BuildingDiverse Workstyle

A place that mataches ones workstyle

Ideal place for Telework, TELECUBE

TELECUBE is a soundproof work booth that can be easily installed anywhere.
Inside, there is a table, chair, power outlet, etc., letting users prepare documents, send e-mails, and communicate by phone or Web conferencing in a secure and quiet environment.
TELECUBE is being installed in public spaces, such as train stations, airports, office building entrances, and malls, offering an ideal environment for teleworkers to work anytime and anywhere. It can also be installed in the office as a fixture.

  • TELECUBE installed in a public space

  • TELECUBE installed in an office

TELECUBE is attracting attention as a space that matches the workstyle during and after COVID-19.
With companies increasingly encouraged to adopt staggered work shifts, TELECUBE installed in public spaces offers places where employees can work at other than the head office. The private and soundproof design allows employees to hold Web conferences without the risk of being overheard at cafes and coworking spaces. (Antibacterial coating has been applied inside the room, door handles, etc.)
TELECUBE can be easily installed in the office to use as a Web conferencing space without the need for construction work, solving the problem of not having enough private rooms and disturbing others in open spaces—issues that offices are seeing more with the rise in Web conferencing. When changing the office layout, you just need to move the frame; no large-scale construction work is required.

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Mitsubishi Estate's Workation

Workation is a new workstyle originated in America, which is a combinaton of "Work" and "Vacation". Mitsubishi Estate defines wokation as a workstyle that "enhance the quality of work and produce varieties of pleasure", which we offer through new workstyle to people and firms to make society a better place.

  • Training Camp

  • Off-Site Meeting

  • CSR activities

「Work x ation」 is a place which implements new workstyle that one have never encountered. Your daily envrionment for work such as meeting and communication spaces will not change but working at a different place may stimulate communications and produce new ideas and outputs. This place will motivate your team member which may lead to come up with more innovative ideas. Why not try "Work x ation" and create innovations?

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