Leasing of small-scale office space (including shared offices and coworking space)Small-scale Office Lineup

Mitsubishi Estate offers a wide selection of small-scale office space including rental offices and shared office space including coworking space in Marunouchi, Otemachi, Yurakucho and other major areas of Tokyo and cities across Japan.

Types of small-scale office space available from Mitsubishi Estate

  • Standard small-scale office space is created by subdividing the floor of a large-scale building. Prospective tenants can select the ideal configuration to meet their needs from a broad selection. This type lets you establish an independent office with a small office floor area while benefiting from the advantages of working in a large-scale building.

    High-grade entrance, carriage porch, wide variety of in-building restaurants and other lifestyle support facilities, refresh room, etc.

  • Premier Floor small-scale offices, specially located on the top office floor of Marunouchi Building or at Otemachi Park Building with the panoramic Palace view, provide tenants with full service at the very best location. Tenants enjoy special services available only on the Premier Floor.

    <Standard Office +α(plus alpha)” service>
    The extra service package includes usage of meeting rooms, the lounge, reception service, Wi-Fi, services included in the service charge (cleaning of leased area, electricity, air conditioning), etc.
    * Some services may be restricted or vary depending.

  • From coworking space that can be rented by a single person to private rooms of various scale for a startup staff, Mitsubishi Estate provides businesses with the optimum office space for their growth phase. Business “matchmaking”, networking events and other support programs are also available.

    <”Standard Office +α(plus alpha)” service>
    The extra service package includes usage of meeting rooms, the lounge, reception service, Wi-Fi, services included in the service charge (cleaning of leased area, electricity, air conditioning), office furniture (desk, chair, power outlets, etc.), event space, “mentoring”, etc.
    * Some services may be restricted or vary depending on property.

Flexible office selection according to your growth phase.

Whether your company consists of one or 30 persons, Mitsubishi Estate has the ideal office type to meet your current scale and phase of growth.

Standard office

Independent small office for rental created by subdividing a floor of a large building.

Recommended properties

Shin-Kokusai Building(Shin-Kokusai)
Shin-Kokusai Building(Shin-Kokusai)

4-1, Marunouchi 3-chome,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
2 minutes walk from JR "Yurakucho Station"/Direct access to Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-Line "Yurakucho Station"

    Leasable floor space
    Main use
    Possible "move-in" period
  • Leasable floor space:
    Leasable floor space:
    Main use:
    Possible "move-in" period:
  • Leasable floor space:
    Leasable floor space:
    Main use:
    Possible "move-in" period:

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Sample standard office layouts

The Premier Floor

Premier small-scale offices with full service in the ultimate locations

  • Premier reception

    Two full-time bilingual concierges on duty at the reception counter greet visitors and respond to routine inquiries from tenant enterprises.

  • Premier lounge

    Equipped with common space for business negotiations, private booths for personal work and complimentary beverage service.

  • Premier conference rooms

    Six meeting rooms (including one with a teleconference system) are available for use within the tenant service framework.

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The Premier Floor.

The Premier Floor Otemachi The Premier Floor Otemachi
Premier atmosphere where your guests will be greeted
The Premier Floor Otemachi provides higher-graded office rooms with a special service package such as concierges that assist you with various kinds of requests, shared meeting rooms, security gates at several points, and a lounge with the premium view of the Imperial Palace.

Shared offices (coworking spaces)

Optimum small-scale office solution for venture businesses.Fully-equipped to let you hit the ground running.

Coworking space for FinTech ventures

FINO LAB is a platform for FinTech start-ups who want to send their message to the world from Otemachi – the CBD with one of the highest concentrations of major financial organizations, professional firms and accountant offices not only in Tokyo but also in Japan. The objective of this facility is to exploit business synergies with these major companies that lead the Japanese economy from Otemachi and empower FInTech entrepreneurs. Innovative FinTech services are already on the rise in overseas countries, and are also expected to experience rapid growth in Japan. FINO LAB aims to form a “business ecosystem” in which mutual transactions among the various stakeholders promotes the bootstrapping and growth of start-up businesses, and consequently, the further growth of the entire district, fueled by the creation and penetration of financial innovation.


Serviced offices with business development support

Business development support for growing businesses and start-ups from inside and outside Japan

EGG JAPAN is a platform for incubating and growing new business. Located in Marunouchi, one of the world’s premier business districts, EGG JAPAN consists of business development offices and Tokyo 21c Club - a business club that fosters the growth of companies entering the market and their creation and development of new businesses.

With the aim of ensuring that Marunouchi remains not only Japan’s leading hub of business, but also an attractive Asian business center for the world, EGG JAPAN provides business development support for overseas enterprises that are making their first entry in the Japanese market and small-to-medium-scale business ventures in Japan.


This business support facility occupies the entire third floor (approx. 2,650sq.mt.) of Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube. It features 50 furnished office units ranging from a capacity of 2 to 20 people, event space with a max. capacity of 200 people, and 14 conference rooms, as well as terraces, complimentary beverage service and shared lounge space.
Global Business Hub Tokyo also provides resident companies with introductions to experts, business “matchmaking” services at events and business opportunities through high-quality business networks. By providing both the “software” of such services and the “hardware” of quality office space in a prime location and business amenities, this unique facility aims at expanding the businesses of growing enterprises.
The facility is operated by Global Business Hub Tokyo (a general Incorporated association) (Planned opening in July 2016).

Global Business Hub Tokyo

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Standard offices – Sample layouts

Example: approx. 99sq.mt. office

Leasable floor space
Approx. 99 sq.mt.
Private office(s)
Seats (general) 12
Total 12
Meeting/conference rooms
For 6 persons 1
For 8 persons 1
Desk size (mm)

Example: approx. 182 sq.mt. office

Leasable floor space
Approx. 182 sq.mt.
Private office(s)
Seats (executive) 4
Seats (general) 18
Total 22
Meeting/conference rooms
For 6 persons 1
For 15 persons 1
Passage width, Desk size (mm)

Various office layouts are available.
Experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of the property are ready to propose optimum office layouts to meet your requirements. Please feel free to make an inquiry.

You can also specify your conditions and search our inventory for other small-scale office space

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